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Hallmark are Wholesale Diamond Merchants in Heswall, Wirral

Our director, Jan, has built an incomparable reputation as the largest diamond merchant in the Wirral, with a loyal customer base stretching across the North West. We are rarely beaten on selection, quality or price.

We provide trustworthy, professional services to ensure that you are always happy with your purchase.

We would always recommend that you visit our store and take the time to understand exactly what you are buying, then feel completely satisfied with the quality, colour, clarity, cut and diamond weight but also be certain that you are unlikely to see your piece anywhere else.

Diamond Cuts

The history of diamond cuts dates back to the middle ages but became more complex in the 2oth century with the introduction of lasers and computer aided design.  We have chosen to illustrate twelve popular cuts below. Should you wish to know more, talk to our diamond expert, Jan.

Twelve popular diamond shapes

Join the Diamond Club
The Diamond Club is a unique ‘Members only’ club for customers of Hallmark, who want to buy investment pieces of jewellery.

By appointment only.